Laboratorios ESME S.A.I.C is a company devoted to the development and manufacture of personal hygiene and household cleaning products. 

Established in the market since 1945, today, after 64 years, it manufactures nearly 400 products under strict GMP control standards, employing over 100 qualified people, with the aim of offering the highest level of quality.
100% of the products are made in our 2 modern manufacturing plants located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Initially devoted to the manufacture of oral care products, we have incorporated categories until having one of the most complete lines in the market including: Anti-acne treatment, toothpastes, mouthwashes, sanitizing gels, shampoos, colognes, body lotions, hair gels, antibacterial soaps, nail polish removers, insect repellents and household cleaning products. 
This way we are leaders in development and production of private brands for the main supermarket chains in Argentina and South America.
Thanks to the effort carried out during these last 10 years participating in international fairs and commercial missions, we have uninterruptedly grown, exporting to more than 20 countries.
Our products are commercialized in the market under the following brands: Barrocutina, Life Quality, Uniquit, Fresh Dent, Esmedent, Aquasplash, Rodier, Fush, Top Win.
Our challenge is to continue to position ourselves in new markets thanks to the competitive advantages offered for manufacturing in Argentina.

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